Monday, November 21, 2016

House of Fraser eat your heart out!!

So after nearly three years of working on this project it has finally hit the shelves of House of Fraser!! What an amazing journey!

My girls so happy with their aprons, cushions & trays

New work coming .....(Prices of Originals going up too in the New Year...get in quick!!)

And I'll be at Wilde & Green Dec 3rd for anyone who wants to pop in and have a rummage through all my new products !! Now back to the studio. Get myself earthed again after this mornings launch!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Beach bums

So the beach is possibly the best place to paint the human figure. I had my sketch pad and my disguise (sunglasses and a big hat!! ) I was too afraid if I got caught!24" x 36" framed 3200

Plenty of inspiration!
As for the landscapes they are a little more serious and gentle.

12" x 16" framed 800e

12" x 16" framed 800e

More to come.....D

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New summer work

Welcome to my new work :

The bathers

The Cove

More bathers

The waters edge

The windsurfers

More to come! There is never enough time !!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Day

A day in the life of me.
I won't mention the witching hour of 7.15am - 8.15am The hardest part of the day. Trying to kick everyone out of the house to work/school. I remember the days when I lived in NY when I was only going to bed at 7.30 am!! I'm getting old. Turning 40 this year. A gallery told me now that I am turning 40 I am even more collectable. Yippee.

So Studio..this is the first thing I see

I have everything framed and ready to go into the Galleries. I miss them already. Having to part with my work is hard but I need to in order to keep my job!

This is quite tidy for me even though it looks messy:

Waiting for paintings to dry ....always waiting:

Another spot in my studio for the collages :

And finally the all important large mug of tea. Quite the essential!! And it's one of my own mugs I designed coming soon!!

And a sneak peak at one of my cashmere scarfs available up in the courtyard in Marley park

Part of my duck family

Now back to the studio**

Friday, April 15, 2016

New work April 2016

The waters edge 18" x 30"
Oils on canvas Framed.
6-8 months drying time. Heavily textured due to re-working and re-working and wine.

Wind surfing Jack's hole 12" x 16"
Oils on Canvas, Drying time : Forever. But its worth the wait. I forgot how damp this country is.

The Nun's beach
16" x 24" Oils on canvas.
A collectors piece. Heavily textured, blood , sweat & tears trying to get it right. A lot of days spend with a hot water bottler, a sip of brandy and a sketchpad that won't blow away trying to get it right. And more wine.

The Beach with wind surfers
12" x 16" Oils on canvas.
In my next life I want to be a professional wind surfer. I love looking at them speeding up the beach like James Bond. I tried it once and I lifted about 20 feet above the sea and that was the end of that! I'll stick to my pink foam board.

I have priced all these pieces in Sterling as that is where they are heading. On the ferry to the galleries in the UK. So long my beauties I know I will probably never see any of you again (in less I forget to sign you which often happens) I blame the wine.

Now , clean palette, clean brushes, more white spirits, new tubes, new playlist and time to start all over again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter break

I LOVE the sugar high the kids get after having chocolate for breakfast. Then the questions every day. I am not used to being asked so many questions all the time:

How do you spell Tuesday? Then March and so on...... until I have helped spell almost every word and a little bit of my brain falls to the floor and dies.

My husband usually comes home to study for a few hours during the day but I haven't seen him since the kids have been off. He is afraid to come home in case I tag him and run out of the house shouting "You're it!!"

So today I threw myself into the sea in my head. And I feel normal again. I got my therapy fix.

Music : Time Lapse Ludovico Einaudi

Here is what I have been working on? Not a cow in sight. Not even a cow on a raft.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The damn sea

My studies of the sea

It has taken me nearly six months to try and paint the sea. And I am still not there. Hence every month I try to arrange a class and I say in my head "I'll try and have another go at it!" I'm making some progress but finding it really difficult.

New body of work is Available in Duke street gallery in Dublin.

I know it looks better hanging in a gallery than in my messy studio. It took me two days to paint the sides white and hang the hooks on them...big yawn. Very important so I'm told.
Every little hook counts even if it is at the back!